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How we started

Established in 2018. our team started in small home studio. Our founder has a lot of passion for art and scented goods for years, and discovering many of the benefit, she decided to spread the positivity around. Back then, it was rare to find affordable and high quality natural candles.

Our purpose is to implement the habit of using scented goods on people's daily life, and to spread around the benefit of being well throughout body and mind.

It's easy to lookover the routinity every day. So we encourage you to hold a pause button, take a breath, and let the scent recharge you for another day.

Aromatic Oil
Beauty Product

Handmade with love

We crafted most of our products in Jakarta and few are formulated in Bali. Keeping production in small batches to ensure the quality we want.

We only use highest quality material that we can find, and locally sourced whenever is available. All of our products are natural, safe, and cruelty free.


Each step of the production process is done meticulously in our studio, starting from drying the flowers, making the candles, until final step of packaging!

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