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Our exclusive wax sachet is made to freshen up your small compartments. You can put it in your wardrobe, shoes, bags, closet, etc. Available in full customization and three scents, it is a perfect piece to style your room with.

Made of natural wax and infused with essential oil to provide calming and relaxing scents. Now all your clothes will smell like a dream!

Scented Wax Sachet

SKU: 0002
  • Ingredients : Soy wax, eco blend wax, natural aromatic, essential oil, natural dye

    Size : 6-8 cm (according to shape)

    Weight : >30 gr

    Care instruction (listed on the box) :

    • Scent lasts around 2 months, use any fragrance oil to keep prolong the scents by dropping it to the flowers
    • Keep away from direct sunlight
    • You can burn it in the oil burner as wax melt to scent up your room

    Special price for 20 pcs and above, please contact us!

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